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Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

What typically happens during a Winter visit?

  • Leaf collection, which improves general soil hygiene
  • Tree safety checks to prevent hazards due to damaged branches after leaf fall season
  • Shrub beds and lawn areas are cleaned from fallen trees and other debris
  • Deciduous trees and shrubs are pruned, planter or transplanted if required
  • All faded herbaceous perennial flowers are cut back
  • Any deadwood or weeds found on site is cleared and removed
  • Mulch applied around the plants and flowers, which helps to reduce weeding during next season
  • General soil condition is improved, which helps to avoid waterlogging in your garden

Shrub Pruning Services

How to care after your shrubs during Winter

  • Rose pruning services to remove dead, diseased and damaged wood
  • Dogwood pruning to promote young, new growth of beautiful shrub
  • Deadheading flowers to promote healthier blooms next season
  • Mulch application to control weeds, moisture and protect plants from frost bite
  • Shrub height reduction to allow better air circulation and more sunlight
  • Bulb planting, which allows your garden to blossom early in the season
  • Leaf clearance, which is usually required due to heavy Autumn fall
  • Hand weeding and residual herbicide application – no weeds for up to 9 months
  • Integration of irrigation systems to prepare for dry Summer days

Lawn Care Services

How to look after your lawn during Winter season

  • Leaf clearance from all lawn areas helps promote healthy lawn growth
  • Collection of fallen tree branches and debris prevents further damage to grass
  • Improvement of soil condition prevent water logging and soil compaction
  • Clean cut lawn edges top stop weeds growing into borders and pavements
  • Lawn aeration improves drainage and reduces soil compaction
  • Dealing with worms and moles allows to have smooth lawn during warm season
  • Cutting back the plants allows to reduce shade and promotes healthier growth
  • Controlled algae ensures beautiful lawn, especially in wet and shady areas